PCS LLC Procurement Cost Solutions LLC

A Highly Structured VAVE Program Using Cost Reduction Teams Consisting of your Key Suppliers and Internal Associates to Reduce/Eliminate Extraneous Design, Material and Process Requirements.

This patented Value Analysis-Value Engineering program has been successfully implemented with 2 Fortune 500 multi-national corporations. Total direct material cost reduction has exceeded $4 million over a 6 year period.

Key Program Features:
  1. Structured Project Management approach focusing on key progress milestones
  2. Enhanced product quality through introduction of process and material design improvements
  3. Supplier/Associate cost reduction teams
  4. Majority of project research and performance testing done by suppliers
  5. Improved communication level between design engineering and suppliers
  6. Design improvements achieve significantly greater cost reduction results than supplier negotiated savings
Potential Direct Material Cost Reduction Range: 10%-30%